SPKN SEEN 1203AFTN Square CNC Carbide Milling Inserts

Material: 100%Virgin Material Tungsten Carbide
Usage: Milling machining
Application: mould workpiece
Coating: no
Advantage: Good anti impact resistance, Excellent tool life time
Certification: ISO9001:2015
Customized support: OEM/ODM
Place Of Origin: Zhuzhou,Hunan,China
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CNC Carbide Milling Inserts Seen1203AFTN with PVD Coating for OEM and ODM

Good wear resistance 45° square face milling inserts size SEEN1203AFTN.  The square face milling inserts are widely used on Planer type milling machine, which is popular in the market.  We use the advanced cermet technology, with good surface finish, very suitable for steel semi-finishing and finishing processing.

Cermet is a composite material that combines ceramic and metallic materials. The metal is used as a binder for carbide. Typically, metals such as nickel and cobalt are used.

Cermet grades provide long tool life and excellent surface finish, combining toughness with superior wear resistance.


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