CNMG SNMG DNMG TNMG Turning indexable cutting insert TM series

Code: CNMG120408 TM OC2125 DNMG150604 TM OC2125 SNMG120404 TM OC2125 WNMG080404 TM OC2325S
Material: 100%Virgin Material Tungsten Carbide
Usage: Steel
Hardness: HRA92.5
Application: Turning
Coating: CVD
Advantage: Good anti impact resistance, Excellent tool life time
Certification: ISO9001:2015
Customized support: OEM/ODM
Place Of Origin: Zhuzhou,Hunan,China
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Medium cobalt content, and high cubic content carbide substrate combine with a strong texture TiCN and Al2O3 coating.
After special treatment, it has excellent abrasion resistance. Suitable for general steel turning.

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OC2325S OC2125



Chipbreaker Description

Suitable for semi-finishing IOS P and M materials



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The carbide inserts is one type of well commented carbide turning inserts which be popular among our customers all over the world.

1. 100% original carbide powder and excellent wear resistance and toughness;
2. High performance of CVD/PVD coating, with super hard and smooth surface;
3. ISO9001:2015 quality system control;
4. Professional chip-breaker design and provides perfect cutting performance;
5. Precise dimension, high accuracy;
6.Super long and consistent tool lifespan;
7. Customized insert design, coating, marking, packing are available.


1.100% factory price and good quality
2.High stability, high performance,longer service life
3.Have in stock, fast delivery

1.Excellent wear resistance and breakage resistance
2.Professional inspection and high precision
3.High precision, easy replacement, general use



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